Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How do improve your English Ability though English website of learning resources

The internet has billions of web sites. I can watch movie trailers. I can write my own article. Then, put it on my web site to share anybody. Sometimes, I will download a few pictures that I like. Except these, and a usage. It can be a tool to improve my English ability. I have some samples to order everybody.
It can put on you story by words of English or picture to split you live. Letting someone knows your life, and enjoys somebody’s different cultures. By this way, I can advance my skill of English article.
In it, I can select one of the records to hear a little story. First, just listening the matter. Second, reading the story and comparing that you sow and you heard. This way can help my English speaking and listening.

The tool is dead but people are live. Tool will be full of life Because of you. Just on you!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online garage sales
1. Introduction:
What’s meaning of “online garage sales”?
Answer: The internet can help you turn that extra stuff into cash. Don’t know what to do your old stuff? Sell it online! Antiques, computers, movies, clothes, and more can all be sold online. People will taking advantage of this almost unlimited market.
2. Garage sale is famous around the world.
Answer: eBay/Yahoo/Amazon
3. How do we get engaged in online purchase?
Answer: first, find a web site serves your area. Second, make sure to market your item. Last, just waiting.
4. Which advantage……
Answer: it can save the time and money of needless.
5. Which disadvantage…..
Answer: you may be cheating by someone. The exercising time will not enough.
6. Conclusion 感想
Answer: I don’t like to use online garage sales by usual. Window-shopping is a good exercising.
I don’t like to use online garage sales by usual. Seating on the chair for long time is not applicable and healthy. Window-shopping is a good exercising. Walking is one of kind motion, too. For this reason, you can exercise and shopping at the same time. In fact, there is another cause to me. That’s the girl. Oho ……!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On generation “N, M”
Gen N’s are thoroughly comfortable with technology. They’ve been called Asia’s “Net Generation.” The internet has opened up a world of diverse viewpoints. As a result, most Gen N’s are more open to new ideas than previous generations.

For example, for those who do marry, they’re waiting until they’re older. They’re also choosing to have children later. Gen N’s also having a great willingness to buy on credit. They worry less about going into debt. Because many Gen N’s come from homes where both parents work.

On generation “M.” The so-called “Generation M” values their fun, has low resistance and stability, and values personal interests over other people’s judgments. They look great in appearance, but cannot withstand pressure, difficulties, and frustration.

For better or for worse, Gen N’s or Gen M’s, they have an applicable to both that “Boomerang kids keep coming home.” Lately, many Taiwanese parents have found that their empty nests have once again become cluttered nests as grown children return home. Although Confucius declared,”A man should be independent at the age of thirty,” in todays less stable society, some young adults require more nurturing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1. Winter Olympic competition. Describe (define) the games of winter Olympic? Athletes?
2. What is Olympic spirit?
3. Where is the city, winter Olympic? Describe its location and map?
4. Who is Olympic hopeful (potential players in Olympic)? Why?
5. How do the countries from warmer climates (players: AU, china) have a shot at taking home the gold? = champion, medal, premium, prize.
An opening ceremony/ a closure ceremony

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The winter olypics History
The Skater, 1782, a portrait of William Grant by Gilbert Stuart.
In the 17th century, canal racing on wooden skates with iron blades was popular in the Netherlands. Also in that century, James, the younger son of the British monarch Charles I, came to the Netherlands in exile, he fell for the sport. When he went back to England, this "new" sport was introduced to the British aristocracy.
In the 18th century, ice skating became a world known sport and the Dutch created skates with much longer blades.

  而一般仿間所稱的「直排輪刀曲棍球」、「輪式曲棍球」(Roller Hockey)都是指穿直排輪(並排輪)鞋玩曲棍球,只是「桿冰曲棍球」(In-Line Hockey)是比較正式的中文名稱,而這次要介紹的正是這種較不受場地限制的「旱冰曲棍球」。

  其成長的速度,在世界各地也相當驚人,在北美、加拿大地區,有職業冰球聯盟「NHL」(National Hockey League),在歐洲地區有歐洲冰球聯盟「EHL」(Europe Hockey League),加拿大的「CHL」、日本的「JHL」,都是職業性的聯盟運動組織。

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I. CALL ALCPT 輔助ECL成就測驗: 選取 EFL Place
II. 影片欣賞寫作 English Trailers:
III. Reflection Weblog in English Learning 英文學習網誌--
IV. Cyber Listening---
V. 英文學習網站—

Monday, January 02, 2006

Topic: Environment and life
For the past few decades, humans have experienced the most tremendous change in the environment. With the growth of industry, we have paid very high price.
Waters are polluted, lands devastated, and wildlife extinguished. More and more species are fatally endangered. If we can not end this destructive trend, we are not heading for eternal doom. Although we are enjoying a higher living standard, we are not genuinely blissful. Because we don’t know how much longer the earth can resist our ruthless development.
I believe that it is time for us to take action to save the earth. I would rather slow down in the course of industrialization than exhaust the earth’s resources. As global citizens, we are responsible for the protection of mother earth. we can burn less fuel, and make whatever burning we do cleaner. For example, we can go to work by bus, train or M.R.T system every day. That not only can burn less fuel but also can talk to someone that you want to know. It’s really” kill two birds with one stone”.